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Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Gentle & Loving Insight & Guidance into your History, Patterns, Options & Personal Power.

Receive New Perspectives on your Life's Journey and build a stronger connection to your Intuition.

I read Oracle & Angel Tarot Cards as it is the Angelic channel that I am tuned into, regularly seeing Angels & receiving angelic messages during Card Reading & Energy Balancing sessions.  Oracle cards have only loving and gentle words and pictures, while still being direct in their messages. 


The Science of Angel (or Oracle) Card Readings: 

As described in the Energy Balancing section, physicists agree that:

  • Everything that exists, whether physical, audible, visual (Colour), or emotional, is made of pure energy

  • All Energy vibrates


The ancient mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (yes, the triangle guy), and more recently, Nobel Prize nominated engineer Nikola Telsa, agree in the physics of "Like attracts Like".  This means that you will attract to yourself the things, people, circumstances, and cards that are vibrating at a similar frequency to your own.  So, Oracle Cards work because you draw to yourself what you need to know as your vibration will attract just that.


Readings are a snap shot of where you are now.  They can help you to clarify the root of a situation and focus on your goals so that through your free will you can fully awaken into your life.


The goal of a Card Reading is to give us additonal information that we may be missing so that

we can take action to put ourselves on the path that we want to be on!


Oracle Card Topics often focus on:

  • Life Purpose

  • Career direction & Financial situations

  • Love & Relationships

  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Forecasts

Learn To Read Oracle Cards Workshop

Have you enjoyed a card reading & want to learn the basics yourself?  1 Day intro workshops are now being offered!  Contact me to find out when the next class is or gather 5-10 people and I will come to you!

Selena is honoured to be a Radleigh Valentine Certified Angel Card Reader™

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