Upcoming Workshops


Full Moon & New Moon drop-in Zoom Meditation Nights

Twice Monthly, $15 - See Meditation page HERE for details



*The live workshops have passed.  Please email Selena if you wish to attend via recording. Available until January 31, 2022

*Working with Angels & Spirit Guides

*Chakras!  What are they, how to heal with them, what is your dominant chakra

* Spirit Guide channeling night



Saturday, November 27 • 6:30-9 pm PT

Chakras!  Learn what they are, how to heal with them, what is your dominant chakra.

Chakras are incredibly important energy centers in our body. Clearing and balancing them are essential to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Also, like being right handed or left handed, we each have a dominant chakra.  Learning to identify ours can make a world of difference in understanding how and why we experience the world the way we do.

Attend live on Zoom or on your own time via recording

Saturday, Nov 27• 6:30-9pm pt, $65

To register, email Selena: 


Angels & Spirit Guides

Get to Know Your Universal Support Team!

Saturday, December 11 • 6:30-9 pm PT

We are not alone. Ever. Learn the different types of guides that you have and how to work with them.

Angels, ancestors, past life connections, there are so many loving beings that we can connect with.  Selena had an angel appear to her in 2009 and has been working with them daily ever since.  Come and learn how to work with our team!

Attend live or on your own time via recording

Saturday, December 11 • 6:30-9pm pt, $65

To register, email Selena: 



Ho’oponopono - Hawaiian Method of Forgiveness & Healing

Ho’o = “to be”  pono = “clean, right, at peace”

Ho’oponopono is a traditional healing practice to bring you into a place of peace.  This is an incredibly simple and yet powerful technique that can be applied into daily life.  In this workshop we will learn the history of the modern incarnation of Ho’oponopono, how and why it works, and two different methods of applying it.

Attend live on zoom or later via recording.



Past Life Regression Workshop


In this workshop we will learn about past lives and the role that they play in our current life, affecting our physical, emotional, and mental health.  Understanding our past lives can bring clarity and healing and abundance into our current life!  Through 2 guided meditations, you will receive the opportunity to recall a past lifetime.

Attend live on zoom or later via recording.



Pendulum & Muscle Testing Workshop

Learn how to connect with the wisdom of your body and the energy around you by using a pendulum and several other muscle testing techniques.  We will learn why these techniques work, and how to use them to successfully assist you in everything from decision making to finding lost objects!

Attend live on zoom or later via recording.



Spirit Guide Channeling Night

Receive a message directly from you Spirit Guide!​

Everyone has Spirit Guides! These may be ancestors, people we've had loving connections with in past lives, etc. They are currently not incarnated in body, but are lovingly connected to you in spirit. They are here to help you and love to pass on messages and guidance to help you thrive.

​​In a group setting, Selena will channel a personalized message for you from one of your Spirit Guides. Each person's guide speaks for approximately 15 minutes and you will receive an audio recording of your channeling.

Must attend live, no recording available.

Maximum 8 participants.  $65

To register, email Selena: 

 Keeping with current health requirements, all group events are held online on Zoom at this time.