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IGNITE! 12 week course

Self Healing and Balancing for the Energetically Sensitive

Jan 26-April 20 • Tuesdays 9:30 am & recorded for watching later • Live & Interactive on Zoom • 25 people

Ignite your Sensitivity Superpower!

It’s true, that some people are more sensitive to energy than others. They feel and sense the world around them more deeply. Perhaps you are one of them? In partnership with Andrea Ferguson of the Fit Life Method, Selena is bringing you an understanding of what it means to be energetically sensitive, and instruction in multiple methods of self-care and healing.  For more info, please follow this link to Andrea's website to learn more: https://thefitlifemethod.com/courses/ignite/

Spirit Guide Channeling Night • Next Zoom dates TBA soon!

Receive a message directly from you Spirit Guide!​

Everyone has Spirit Guides! These may be ancestors, people we've had loving connections with in past lives, etc. They are currently not incarnated in body, but are lovingly connected to you in spirit. They are here to help you and love to pass on messages and guidance to help you thrive.

​​In a group setting, Selena will channel a personalized message for you from one of your Spirit Guides. Each person's guide speaks for approximately 15 minutes and you will receive an audio recording of your channeling.

Up to 8 participants.  Cost $50


(book a private session with your group of min 4 people!)

Energy Protection, Grounding & Clearing for Sensitive People

Zoom Dates TBA Soon! • 9:30 - 3 pm

Get overwhelmed in a crowd? Can't shake a negative interaction? Feel drained, light headed or even ill after being around certain people or in situations?  Even if it is a positive situation or an event that you are happy to attend, sensitive people can take on other people's emotional energy!  This workshop will give you an understanding of what you are experiencing (nope, you're not losing it!), practical techniques to use in a moment of need and as daily health maintenance for the energetically sensitive person.

Up to 10 participants. Cost $75 + GST

Learn to Read Oracle Cards Interactive Workshop

Zoom Dates TBA Soon! • 9:30 - 3 pm

LITERACY is such an empowering life skill - that's why you were taught to read in Kindergarten! Oracle Card Literacy develops another rich layer to your skill-set.

Card reading is a great tool for developing your intuition.  In this is a fun & relaxed class you will learn how to interpret oracle cards, receive an instruction booklet including the 5 main card spreads that I use in a reading, and receive a certificate of completion.  This workshop is always so much fun!!

Up to 10 participants.  Cost $75 + GST


Due to the small space, all events must be RSVP’d.

 Most events are held @ Better Still Day Spa in Ladner, BC. 

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