Gather Your Group! 

There is always something special when a group of people gather together!

If you have a group of family, friends, co-workers, I will come to you, depending on your location, within the Vancouver lower mainland.  Events can also be held in my studio in Ladner, BC.

If you don't have a group, but would like to attend an event, please get in touch with me for updated scheduling.

Spirit Guide Channeling:

Receive a channeled message directly from you Spirit Guide!  Channelings are audio recorded for you to keep.

Up to 6 people, $60/person

Aura & Angel/Spirit Guide Reading Party!

Learn what your aura looks like, where it is strong, where it needs support, and learn what Spirit Guides and Angels are around you. Each person receives a private reading, approximately 10 - 15 minutes long.  Readings are audio recorded for you to keep.

Up to 15 people, $30/person

Oracle Card Reading Workshop:

Day long workshop to learn Oracle Card Literacy.

Up to 15 people, $75/person

Energy Protection, Grounding & Clearing for Sensitive People Workshop:

Day Long workshop filled with practical information, techniques, and instruction.

Up to 15 people. $75/person