Private Sessions are offered in Ladner BC, by phone or on Zoom.  Each Session runs approximately 90 minutes.  Cost for private sessions for 2021 is $95 + GST. There is currently an 10 month wait list.

Selena Jones

Energy Balancing 
Release that Emotional Baggage!
$95 + gst
Approximately 90 minutes
This is a blend of Aura Reading, The Emotion Code™, Therapeutic Touch™, and Angelic & Spirit Guide Guidance.  Each session is unique depending on your needs

In this 1st session, you will receive:

  • Description of your personal Angels and Spirit Guides around you

  • Aura Reading - description of where your energy is flowing well and where it is blocked

  • An understanding of the principles of Energy Balancing

  • An understanding of Muscle Testing

  • Release trapped emotional energy from your past through The Emotion Code™

  • Finish with gentle & relaxing energy grounding

Spirit Guide Channeling & Group Events

Receive a message directly from you Spirit Guide in a group setting.

Up to 10 participants.  Cost $65 + gst

Private Sessions:

Receive a message directly from you Spirit Guide 1:1 or in a group.

Everyone has Spirit Guides!  These may be ancestors, people we've had loving connections with in past lives, etc.   They are currently not incarnated in body, but are lovingly connected to you in spirit. They are here to help you and love to pass on messages and guidance to help you thrive.

  • ​Selena will channel a personalized message for you from one of your Spirit Guides

  • Receive an audio recording of your channeling 

Past Life Regression

Remember a Past Life to make the most of today!

$95 + gst

Approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours

  • Includes mp3 audio recording of your regression

  • Includes a Phone or email follow-up 1 week after your session if requested

  • Be guided through a gentle process of remembering a past life that is impacting you today

  • Receive insights, understanding & healing of lifelong relationship, physical & emotional challenges

Learn to Read Oracle Cards Workshop

Date TBA • 9:30 -3pm

Enjoyed your card reading & want to learn more?

Get the basics to understand the subtleties and the method of reading Angel Cards in this 1 day workshop.  Contact me to find out when the next class is being offered or gather 5-10 people and I will come to you!  Cost - $75 per person


  • Small class size with personalized instruction

  • Take home instruction booklet including commonly used card spreads

  • Certificate of attendance

Energy Clearing, Grounding & Protection for Sensitive People

Date TBA • 9:30 - 3pm

Practical techniques to use in the moment & daily maintenance for energetically sensitive people

Up to 10 participants. Cost $75

  • Do you get overwhelmed in a crowd? Feel drained or even ill after being around certain situations or people? 

  • Practical techniques to use in a moment of need and as daily health maintenance for the energetically sensitive people

  • Take home instruction booklet


Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Get insights & get inspired♥

$95 + gst

 Approximately 90 minute reading

  • Gentle & loving insights into your history, patterns, options & personal power.

  • Receive new perspectives on you life's journey.

  • Connect you with your own intuition.

The fine printThe Energy Balancing provided here is intended to be complimentary & supportive of treatment by your licensed health care professional.  It is not to diagnose or replace this care.  Selena is a trained Energy Balancing Practitioner and is not a licensed health care professional.

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