• Private Sessions are offered in Selena's studio in  Ladner BC, by phone or online

  • Each Session runs approximately 90 minutes

  • Cost for private sessions for 2019- 2022 is $95 + gst.  Canadian Dollars

  • Cost for private sessions  for 2023 is $115 + gst.

  • There is currently an 10-12 month wait list.

Selena Jones

Energy Balancing 
Release that Emotional Baggage!
This is a blend of Aura Reading, The Emotion Code™, Therapeutic Touch™, and Angelic & Spirit Guide Guidance.  Each session is unique depending on your needs

In this 1st session, you will receive:

  • Description of your personal Angels and Spirit Guides around you

  • Aura Reading - description of where your energy is flowing well and where it is blocked

  • An understanding of the principles of Energy Balancing

  • An understanding of Muscle Testing

  • Release trapped emotional energy from your past through The Emotion Code™

  • Finish with gentle & relaxing energy grounding

  • Private 1:1 session, upto 90 minutes, $115 + gst

Past Life Regression

Remember a Past Life to make the most of today!

  • Includes mp3 audio recording of your regression

  • Includes a Phone or email follow-up 1 week after your session if requested

  • Be guided through a gentle process of remembering a past life that is impacting you today

  • Receive insights, understanding & healing of lifelong relationship, physical & emotional challenges

  • Private 1:1 session, upto 90 minutes, $115 + gst

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Get insights & get inspired♥

  • Gentle & loving insights into your history, patterns, options & personal power.

  • Receive new perspectives on you life's journey.

  • Connect you with your own intuition.

  • Private 1:1 session, upto 90 minutes, $115 + gst

Full Moon & New Moon Meditation Nights

  • Live online & via recording later

  • On-going, twice monthly!

  • $15, See the details HERE

Workshops & Events!

Several Events & Workshops are offered each year.  See here for details! 

The fine printThe Energy Balancing provided here is intended to be complimentary & supportive of treatment by your licensed health care professional.  It is not to diagnose or replace this care.  Selena is a trained Energy Balancing Practitioner and is not a licensed health care professional.