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The Emotion Code™

Emotional Baggage
Focused Removal of Emotional Baggage,
Compassionate & Direct

The Emotion Code™

  • Targets specific emotions & events

  • Fast, simple, and powerful


Everyone has emotional baggage!  The goal of The Emotion Code™ is to remove emotional baggage from our past which is presently causing emotional and physical imbalances.












Like everything in the Universe, emotions are made up of energy.  We have all felt other peoples' emotional energy when walking into a room where people have been fighting; you can feel it, heavy, dense, and uncomfortable!


Usually we experience a negative emotion, feel it, and let it go.  But there are times when that heavy emotional vibration gets physically trapped in our body.  Like a rock in a river, your body's energy now must go around the negative emotion instead of flowing seamlessly.  When this occurs, it means that you are out of balance.


With The Emotion Code™ we use muscle testing to find the exact emotion that is trapped.  When the trapped emotion is called out by name, it rises to the surface of the body (where it can actually be felt energetically!) and can then be removed.

Therapeutic Touch™

Gentle Energy Balancing for Relaxation & Self-Healing


Energy Healing, Energy Balancing

Therapeutic Touch™

  • Enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself

  • Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety

  • Reduces pain and accelerates wound healing













Therapeutic Touch™ is a modern interpretation of several ancient healing practices.  It is a powerful, yet gentle & safe, energy balancing technique.  It is one of the most highly researched energy practices available. Therapeutic Touch™ is taught in nursing programs and used in healing settings around the world.


The "Touch" in Therapeutic Touch™ refers to touching the Energy Field (the Aura) which extends 5-10 cm outward from the body, so it does not refer to touching the physical body itself.


During a session, you may be sitting or laying down, and remain fully clothed.  The Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner's hands move within the body's Energy Field, sensing the differences, then consciously directing the energy to rebalance and flow without disruption. 


Selena is a Member in Good Standing with the BC Therapeutic Touch Network Society.  She is active within the BCTTNS, as well as her local South Delta Therapeutic Touch Practice Group, and is a regular contributor to their social media publications.



What About Pets?

Our animal companions benefit from Energy Balancing too!  The certification process for The Emotion Code™ actually requires animal patients.  As a Veterinary Assistant for more than 15 years, I have a deep connection with animals and have great joy working with pets and their people. 




Selena Jones

The fine print: The Energy Balancing provided here is intended to be complimentary & supportive of treatment by your licensed health care professional.  It is not to diagnose or replace this care.  Selena is a trained Energy Balancing Practitioner and is not a licensed health care professional.

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